Class & Program Fees

2022-2023 Tuition

30 minute class $50/month

45 minute class $70/month

1 hour class $85/month

1.5 hour class $99/month 

**Please see our Fair Tuition Policy below


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Hip Hop Dance Classes for boys and girls in Sarasota

Studio Policies


Fair Tuition Policy

Tuition is automatically charged to your credit card or deducted from your checking account on, or about, the first of each month during the season.

Tuition is calculated based on the number of times a class meets per month. Most monthly sessions have four classes per month. Some monthly sessions during our season have 5 dance classes. Some months have three due to holidays such as Thanksgiving and winter break. When a class meets 5 times in one month, your tuition is for 5 classes. For example, a 45-minute class would be $87.50.  If it meets 3 times per month, you will only pay for 3 classes in that month. For example, a 45-minute class would be $52.50.


Dress Code

Dress codes for each class can be found on the webpages after each class description (by age).

At Dance Conservatory of Sarasota, we believe that structure is important in the art of dance. We believe that dance teaches so many necessary life skills that students are able to use in the future. Self-discipline, self-respect, responsibility, and determination are all beautifully learned in dance. Our dress code was established to promote the students’ freedom of movement and the instructor’s observation of correct technique.

We have differentiated the levels by the color of leotard. This color distinction gives the student a sense of accomplishment as the dancer moves up in levels and graduates to a new color of leotard.

Hair should be worn off the face/neck and in a secure bun (with the use of hairspray/gel, bobby pins, and hair net) for ballet. This enhances the dancer’s vision and enables the instructor to observe proper alignment of neck and shoulders. If your child’s hair is falling out by the end of class it is not secure enough.  If your child’s class includes Acro, the hair style should be two buns (think Princess Leia).


Registration Fee

An annual registration fee is due each season when you register for classes.  The fee is $49 per dancer or $89 per family.


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